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Verify a NATE ID

    NATE certified technicians are professionals in the HVACR industry who have successfully completed a series of specialized set exams through the Traditional Pathway or Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) Pathway. These exams are designed to assess the technician’s knowledge and competency in various aspects of HVACR systems, including installation, maintenance, and repair. NATE certification is a voluntary and industry-recognized credential that signifies a technician’s expertise and proficiency in the field. It serves as a standard of excellence and assures consumers that the certified technician has met or exceeded industry-accepted knowledge and skill levels.


    NATE Credentials include the Ready to Work Certificate, HVAC Support Technician Certificate, the EPA 608 exams, the Low-GWP Refrigerants Certification Exam, the Ground Source Heat Pump Installer Certificate, and the HVAC Performance Verifier Certificate. NATE Credentials are separate from NATE Certification.